Overcoming Exhaustion: 3 Strategies for Kicking Exhaustion to the Curb

Overcome Exhaustion

Do you feel that? A calling coming from deep within you! You could almost here it saying, “Coooooooofffffffffffeeeeeeee, moooooorrrrrrrreeeee Coooooooffffffeeeeee” You wake up early every morning.  Focused.  Determined to accomplish something with purpose. To make your life count. But there is one problem. You’re exhausted. You barely have the energy to brush your teeth. Let […]

Do you know the secret to becoming a great leader?

Do you know the secret to becoming a great

  This was the best advice I ever got. I was at a dunkin donuts in midtown Manhattan.  I was a 20 year old intern at Nynex [currently Verizon].  I was in the Y2K department [remember that, it was supposed to be the end of the world]. Across from me sat my first boss, the V.P. of […]

Calling all Church Leaders!!!

Less than 70% of churches provide leadership training. With all that Pastors are doing – between counseling, preaching, and getting a vision for their church.  I’m not surprised that most churches don’t have an answer for how to develop leaders. Yet, leadership is crucial to the success of a church.  At Thrive we’d love to […]

[VIDEO BLOG] 3 Tips For Thriving in a Period of Testing


Oh my gosh this is my first Video Blog.  I’m not much for video but I had to give it a try. In this short video I’ll share with you three tips for thriving in a period of testing.   Watch the video below and be encouraged in your moment of testing. We’ve all gone […]

Your Focus Determines Your Small Group Ministry Success

your focus needs more focus copy

This week I got a guest post from a Small Group’s genius.  I had the privilege of meeting Allen White about 4 years ago.  As part of the Life Together team, Allen helped coach our church on how to build a strong small group system.  When it comes to Small Groups he knows what he’s […]