Are you a 10!


Thanks for following THRIVE. As we enter into 2016 I really want to provide quality content that helps you grow your church. So would you take 30 seconds of your time and help a brother out! If you do I’ll enter you into a contest to win the 3 leadership books that have impacted me […]

Goal Setting: A Case Study on How Christ Church Sets Goals

Goal Setting-

Today’s resource is an excerpt from the THRIVE Training site. In this Interview with Rupert Hayles, The COO of Christ Church, we discuss how Christ Church sets goals. Specifically you’ll learn: How to set Goals for 2016 How to measure success How feedback impacts your goals How to celebrate your goals And so much more… Christ Church is […]

Being Instead of Doing


Today I’ve got a guest post from my favorite blogger.  Maybe I’m a bit biased because this blogger happens to be my wife.  So lets hear from my favorite blogger, Natalie Nieves.  Here in New York City, our culture is very much go-go-go. We live by the music line: “Everyday I’m hustling.” It’s pretty much […]

What Does Biblical Community Look Like…

Biblical Community

Today I’ve got a great blog from fellows NYC pastor and blogger – Edwin Pacheco For many Christians today the idea of “Community” is something that almost seems like a fairytale. It is something desired but many times never experienced. Its something sought after but in our seeking, we find much disappointment. Yet, for me, […]

The Secret to Connecting First Time Visitors!

The Secret

There was something wrong with our process for connecting First Time Visitors. I just didn’t know what it was. So I began telling my team about my concerns. “We are attracting over 2,000 first time visitors a year.  That’s awesome, but we are only connecting about 50 – that’s not good.” We were horrible at connecting visitors. We started […]

Overcoming Exhaustion: 3 Strategies for Kicking Exhaustion to the Curb

Overcome Exhaustion

Do you feel that? A calling coming from deep within you! You could almost here it saying, “Coooooooofffffffffffeeeeeeee, moooooorrrrrrrreeeee Coooooooffffffeeeeee” You wake up early every morning.  Focused.  Determined to accomplish something with purpose. To make your life count. But there is one problem. You’re exhausted. You barely have the energy to brush your teeth. Let […]