Why I Am Not An Evangelist

Why I Am Not An Evangelist.-1

I am not an evangelist because when I think of an evangelist I think of the following: A persuasive man on T.V. with an expensive suite and white shoes. I don’t own any white shoes, so I don’t qualify. The Soap Box Preacher with a Megaphone. I remember walking by an older gentleman with a […]

Warning!!!! 3 Signs That Your Preaching Is Not Reaching The Lost

3 Warnings

Strategy is not the enemy of the Holy Spirit.  Forgive me, I had to get that off my chest.   Ok lets move on. The bible says that the Gospel is the power unto salvation.  That’s Good News however, Good News delivered badly can be indigestible.   I used to have a phobia of swallowing […]

Are You Robbing The Sheep: The MYSTERIOUS Onion

Copy of robbing sheep

Your about to read a great blog from a great man.  Pastor Andy Maldonado is a coach for Thrive and the Leadership Development Pastor at Christ Tabernacle.  Which means, he knows his stuff.  So sit back, read and enjoy the blog below. THE MYSTERIOUS ONION Did you ever get in the kitchen and have to […]

My #1 Tip For Getting Guests To Call Your Church Home

Anything healthy grows. If your going to lead a healthy church, then you need to find a way to get visitors to call your church home.   Transfer growth is fine, but new commitments to Christ – that’s what infuses your church with new life. To Watch My Other Video Trainings on Connecting Guests, Click here […]