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"We averaged 50 people in our Sunday services. After trying some of the strategies we learned from THRIVE, we got 119 who attended our Easter Service. That’s double our normal Sunday attendance."

Ruth Rodriguez
Associate Pastor, El Tabernaculo, NJ

If you had to rate your Assimilation process on a scale of 1 to 10 what would it be?  

In a recent poll I conducted, the average rating for assimilation was a 5. So out of 10 churches, at least 6 would rate their follow-up a 5 or below.  

10 years ago I would have rated our assimilation a 0. Or a -10. 
Stop Struggling With Your Assimilation!

Most churches I know struggle with their Assimilation process. The reason is that they do one of two things with their follow-up process.  

They either:  
Failing Strategy #1: Send one email, send one snail mail letter, make one phone call and then are done.  


Failing Strategy #2: They attempt to call every first-time guest or manually email every first-time. Churches like yours, don’t have the staff or volunteer base to keep this up.  

So as the number of first-time guests increases, their ability to follow up decreases.  

Perhaps there is a better way. I want to show you how to connect more guests in less time. 

"In church leadership, you often have your hands on multiple projects.  The details can be overwhelming and cause you to get frustrated, confused and off track. Pastor Ariel’s training helped me gain clarity, focus and strategic direction to grow our church numerically and spiritually. We more than doubled our weekly attendance and retained the increase!"

Darryll Stinson,
Life Church International, GA
The Secret to Effective Follow-up

Depending on the size of your church, your needs may vary.  

• If you’re a church of 50 members, you need a process that can help you follow-up even if you don’t have enough staff or volunteers.

•  If you’re a church of 500 members, most likely you are on the cusp of growing but lack the resources to get to the next level. You need to start creating processes that can help you do more in less time without costing you an arm and a leg.

• If you’re a church of 5,000 members, you need a tool that will help you get through the volume of first-time visitors.

• I know the secret that can help any pastor overseeing a church of any size.  

So what’s the better way? What is the secret to effective follow-up?!  

Pause for effect…  

The secret to effective follow-up is – AUTOMATION

Automating your follow-up.  

Automation is simply operating a process by electronic devices, reducing human intervention to a minimum. 

"As the Pastor of a small church, you struggle to connect people and grow them spiritually. So we joined Pastor Ariel’s Coaching program, cause we knew he could give us insight that would have taken us years to figure out. He helped us with our Membership Class. Just one suggestion helped us increase our attendance by 60%. We are graduating 20 to 25 new members, which is an 18% increase to our overall membership."

Ruben Del Pilar,
Community Worship Center,
To quote Scrooge McDuck, automation is “working smarter, not working harder.”

The benefits of automating your assimilation includes:  
• Minimum effort to get maximum results.

• Reduces your work efforts from nearly 3-4 hours to only 30 minutes a week.

• Cost effectiveness! The tools for automation are not going to break the bank.

• People will connect to your church!  

Since we automated our follow-up process at Christ Tabernacle the length of time someone attended our church before becoming a member has dropped drastically.
In 2013, the average person who became a member of our church would be attending for about 5 years (60 months).
In 2014, we started automating our follow-up process, and we immediately saw the time shorten to about 25 months (less than 2 years).  

Now during, every membership class we host, we poll everyone and have found that about 60% of our new members have attending Christ Tabernacle for less than a year.  

Meaning the time it took to connect someone has dropped drastically. I'm sure there a couple of other factors, but the primary reason is automating our assimilation strategy.
So, How do you automate your assimilation process?
Am I glad you asked?   

Let's start by identifying the tools you'll need to automate your connection process.

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