Why Hard is Good!

Just because something is hard doesn’t mean it’s not God!!! There is this theology of “easy” that I tend to subscribe to. If a situation is hard, then it must not be God. Because (here’s the rational), if God opens up a door, then it won’t be hard to walk through the door. Unfortunately, theology […]

When Life Gets Out Of Control

Sometimes life feels out of control. Problems you can’t predict. Circumstances that catch you by surprise. Situations that remind you are not as strong as you think you are. Whether it’s your marriage, your health, your finances, there are things you just don’t have control over. Matter of fact it feels like they have control […]

6 Secrets to Church Growth

According to The Barna group the average Protestant church in America is 89 adults. Which is interesting because I have yet to meet a Pastor who doesn’t want to experience church growth. So why do churches struggle to grow? And is there anything we can do to overcome our challenges? After observing growing churches, meeting […]

5 Ways To Retain More Volunteers

We need more volunteers!!!  We need you to serve!!!  The Senior Pastor pauses as if his eyes are imprinting his words in the hearts of his listeners. I’ve been in a ton of these services.  Heard hundreds of Pastors communicate their passionate plea for why I should get involved.  It’s the churches mission.  It’s Jesus’ […]

Church Leaders: How To Overcome A Shortage of Leaders

“No one gets intentional about church leadership until the pain of having a leadership shortage becomes unbearable.” – Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor Willow Creek Community Church. I was one responsibility short of having a stroke.  At least that’s how I felt. We had just launched a second campus.  More responsibilities, more people to serve and […]

Attracting First Time Guests: 3 Secrets to 400 Guests in One Month

Attracting First Time Guests: 3 Secrets to 400 Guests in One Month For the past 8 years, I’ve spent 100% of my days trying to attract & disciple first time guest at Christ Tabernacle. I would read countless books then I’d try something, fail, go to a conference, learn something new, and fail some more. […]

21 Signs Your Church Is In Decline

Your church could be in decline. A troubling thought, isn’t it? You’re working so hard on this week’s sermon, but you can’t help wondering if you’ll be preaching to empty pews. According to Thom Rainer, 94 percent of churches are losing ground.  Could you be one of them? And the problem is, you know something is […]

Spiritual Nearsightedness

Spiritual Nearsightedness I used to get lost all of the time. While driving on the highway, my wife would ask me, “Wasn’t that our exit?” My reply would usually be, “No, we’re taking a short cut.”  Or, “Yes, but, I just wanted to spend some extra alone time with you.”  J But, we both knew […]