The Goal of Membership


Here is a great post about membership from my good friend and hero in the faith Pastor Andy Maldonado. A Cause For Celebration As I write this latest piece, Evelyn (my wife) and I are visiting my son and daughter-in-law. We came out to meet the newest member of our family……Joseph David or as I […]

Resolutions Are Dead… Try This Instead


Resolutions are dead! Don’t believe me?  Make a list of your resolutions and review them in February – how many are you still working on?  How many got pushed out of your focus by the importance of other things? According to Time Magazine, “only 8% of people who make resolutions stick to them.” 5 Reasons […]

A Not So Merry Christmas


Christmas is supposed to be a joyous occasion. But not for this group of people. It is so easy to say, “A merry Christmas”, but not for them. They dread Christmas because each Christmas reminds them of what they had lost. One couple lost an infant child, and Christmas reminds them of the special moments […]

Attending To Belonging: 6 Steps To Easily Grow Your Church


Eighty percent of North American churches are stagnant or declining. Four thousand churches close each year. Pastor, are you losing sleep over your church? Are the creditors knocking at your door? Are you considering another job? Are you emotionally drained; your marriage is suffering? Do you feel like a disappointment, a complete and utter failure? […]

Overcome 5 Objections and Accomplish God’s Purpose

Overcome 5 Objections and Accomplish God’s Purpose

Do you remember that moment when God spoke to you? You knew He was calling you to accomplish something great… start a small group, your own church, lead a ministry. Then the service ended, you went home. The kids were out of control. Bills piled up. Your spouse was frustrated. You hit reality. We all […]

5 People Pastors Should be Thankful for


The number “1”, is only a single number, too insignificant to accomplish anything significant. Every pastor who wants to accomplish anything noteworthy for God knows, or will eventually realize, he can’t do it alone. Alone!  Such a sobering word. Alone is the reason many pastors fail. It’s the reason many believers fail morally. Alone is […]