Spiritual Nearsightedness

Spiritual Nearsightedness

Spiritual Nearsightedness I used to get lost all of the time. While driving on the highway, my wife would ask me, “Wasn’t that our exit?” My reply would usually be, “No, we’re taking a short cut.”  Or, “Yes, but, I just wanted to spend some extra alone time with you.”  J But, we both knew […]

What Mr. Potato Head can teach us about church leadership!

mrpotato head

If you are juggling multiple balls in the air, then today’s blog is for you.  Our guest blogger – Pastor Andy Maldonado was the executive pastor at Evangel Christian Center, and is now the Leadership Development Pastor at Christ Tabernacle.  In addition, Pastor Andy has over 30 years of ministry experience and a heart for […]

10 Proven Strategies For Overcoming Obstacles


Ever lose the desire to fight? The moment everything around you seems like it’s spinning out of control. You lose control of your life, the will to continue fighting and struggle to feel like an achiever. It’s those darn obstacles. You don’t plan for them. But they are there. They trip you up, discourage you […]

How to become an attractive church!

Attractive Church

If you’re struggling to attract guests, averaging 2 to 3 first time guests a week, it’s time to stop. It’s time to stop doing what hasn’t worked and start becoming an attractive church. How? I’ll share it with you, but first let’s define what an attractive church is. What is an “Attractive Church” Becoming an attractive […]

How to Turn First Time Guests Into Mature Disciples [FREE WEBINAR]


Easter is a couple of days away.  I’m sure you’re working on your sermon, tightening up the testimonies, and finalizing the presentation.  You are expecting a ton of first time guests, who will be moved by your sermon, touched by the testimonies and awed by the presentation.  Some may even decide they will return. But, how will […]

How to pull off an Easter Egg Hunt and Impact your community?

Easter Egg Hunt

If your church closed it’s doors today, would your community care? Would they be glad for more parking, more peace and quiet? When is the last time someone walked by your building and said “I am glad this church is here.” One of the goals every church should have is to serve & impact it’s […]

5 Emails You Need To Connect More Guests

5 Emails You Need To Connect More First Time Guests

10%! The average church connects about 10% of it’s first time guests. 2%! That’s how many were connecting (Yes, I am embarrassed to admit this). We were averaging about 1,000 first time guests a year and only 20 were joining our church. More than just embarrassed over some numbers, we were hurt over the missed […]

Is your church culture toxic?


toxic culture (1)

Is your church declining?  Are you losing members?  Is your staff discouraged?  Leaders frustrated? Contrary to what you may think, the reason for your decline isn’t bad preaching; the amount of people not giving; the fault of an elder; or because of a moral failure. Bad preaching, congregants not giving, difficult elders, and even moral […]